Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I think, be adult, there´s nothing to win. It´s poisoning. They are only responsible for themselves and too many responsibilities. I'm not an adult and I don ´t want to be found. After all, I still love Barbie, trying to Mother´s shoes, eating of chocolate and jumping into the pool. :-) 

Myslím, že byť dospelým, nie je žiadna výhra. Je to otrava. Sú to len samé starosti a prílíš veľa zodpovednosti. Ja nie som dopelá, a ani dospel byť nechcem. Veď napokon ešte stále milujem bábiku
Barbie,skúšam si mamine topánky, napchávam sa čokoládou a milujem
skákanie do bazéna. *-* 


  1. That's a cute photo.. is that you?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. podla mna sa clovek nestane dospleym ked ma 18nast--ved predsa vek je len cislo.

  3. Marie- No, that´s not me...:-))

  4. This is such an adorable post! :)

  5. I actually want to be an adult... I mean I am, I'm 21 years old... but I'm still a student, I still live with my parents when I'm at home. I want responsibilities, a job, my own home. But I also want to be a child sometimes and forget about responsibilities and have fun... it's a tug of war indeed. I think I'm an adult with a young mind and soul :)

  6. i agree with what you said! eheh neither do i want to be found nor grow up :S ehehhehe xxxx
    I love your blog :D xxx